Should the US promote democracy?

Should the United States promote democracy? Or strong institutions? Should we invest in regime type or regime outcome?

After reading chapter 5 on Democratic Regimes and chapter 6 on Nondemocratic Regimes in O’Neil, I have come to the conclusion that it depends. It depends on what the country has going on and going for it. It depends on their history, religion, values, economy, as well as many other things. There are always going to be issues people complain about

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Chapter Two: States


In the second chapter of O’Neil, I learned about states: how they came to be, what constitutes a state, how to analyze the strength of a state, etc. It was a fairly straightforward chapter laying out a picture consisting of everything that is a state. As of this moment, I’ve got nothing to ponder. I do want to mention some questions ¬†asked at the end of the chapter and touch on a potential future of sovereignty.

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The Crisis in Belagua


So today in class (1/29/16), we learned just how complicated international conflicts can be through a simulation of the crisis in the made-up country of Belagua. The situation that we had to discuss began with basic information of the conflict, who was involved, and the county. We were supposed to be representing the advisors of Obama today.


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Beginning Writing


Assignment: In this paper, write about what you think about International Politics? What interests you or confuses you? What should Americans know about international politics in the 21st century? How do you think that international politics will change over the next 20 years?

What is globalization, and what are its major features?

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